Enhanced Edition Variant 3

Hero, Markdown, Contents, Texts, and Resources Blocks

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Manifold projects can be simple or complex. This variant represents a complex “enhanced” Manifold project: a Markdown block to describe the reading layout of the project; a core text rendered in a Contents block, situated with a couple of supporting documents in a Texts block; and finally ancillary media resources that are gathered into collections, followed by project activity and metadata.

Other “Enhanced” projects in this collection provide alternate approaches using the same core material.

Image credits live here.

Free-Text Block

This space can be used to provide a more robust description of the content, instructions on how to engage with the material, serve as a marketing tool. Here we have an embedded video that could be used as a book trailer. Podcasts and other media are likewise possible.

This is a “Markdown” block. Markdown is shorthand version of HTML and can be used to easily style

  • headings,
  • list,
  • links,
  • etc.

For more on Markdown, see this online guide.

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